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We  are delighted to introduce you to Lalitpur Engineering College (LEC), an Engineering centre established at Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitian, Ward No. 10, chakupat with an aim  to provide an outstanding engineering educational support to the aspirant candites needed for meeting the national aspirations and goals by the team of young and enthusiastic academician having a very long experience caring for students and offering professional advice .On wide range of educational choice millions of rupees are drained out from Nepal in search of quality education in India and overseas every year. That is a considerable loss of national resource. Now that there are Nepalese who have capacity to run high quality educational institutes in Nepal itself.

Basic aim of LEC is to prepare Quality engineers who could sell himself in the world of professionalism. He, who will not only cater to the needs of the Nations in solving its technical and management problems, but also will complete in the international job market successfully. LEC has a focused vision towards quality teaching and practical implementation of knowledge gained by students. The college has brought up many strategic plans and students evalution schemes to meet its vision and make students competitive in the job market Read More...

Dear Parents and Students,

TU affiliated Lalitpur Engineering College (LEC) Chakupat, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur -10

Mr. Lalan Tiwari - Board Member

extends its arms to all young entrants who will find that the college environment provides them with everything they need to develop their ability and creativity. It was established in 2010 AD to fulfill your aim of being qualified engineer and competitiveness in the national, regional and global market. The college is devoted with the mission to be “Leading Engineering Institution for Quality and Professionalism”. LEC has been making all its efforts to develop the necessary physical and academic infrastructures in the college.

We can assure the parents and guardians who are preparing to admit their children for making the quality and professional engineers by admitting in LEC. We promise in the pursuing of quality of teaching and practicing engineering practical.

Thank you.

L. K. Tiwari

Few seats available in Civil Engineering.For further information contact at college. 01-5260215/01-5260216
last date of admission for 2nd merit list on 2073-05-26 till 4 pm
Graduates today enter a highly competitive global marketplace and are expected to meet the demands of a continuously changing business environment. The programmers offered at LEC is as per T.U. Syllabus to equip students with the skills and the expertise required by technical professional employees and to give them the opportunity to develop their knowledge across a broad range of disciplines and build an in-depth knowledge of a specific sector. The faculty takes pride in its commitment to teaching and knowing students by name and preparing them to become responsible citizens of the global community.
Teaching is based on lectures, seminars and personal tutorials. In seminars, small groups of students evaluate case studies or discuss in detail the material covered in lectures. Personal tutorial sessions allow students to discuss any aspect of the course on a one-to-one basis with their tutor. Teaching takes place in fully equipped lecture rooms with the required support systems.
This unit looks after the welfare of the students, collective as well as individual. LEC believes that the students at this level go through as lot of stress, which requires correct guidance for overall efficiency on the part of the students. Thus, this unit is established to overcome such situations and help students concentrate on studies. Most students encounter challenges beyond the scope of teachers’ awareness at some point during their study career. In experiencing such dilemmas, many students develop the adaptive coping skills that help them navigate life’s difficult experiences. Despite natural coping ability that most students exhibit, their teaches can be ill-equipped to provide proper guidance and counseling in the way that students adapt, change and grow through the process of learning from outcomes and mistakes, thus this unit assess their outcomes in order to better guide their students.
Highly qualified, experienced and devoted teaching professionals. Well ventilated, lighted and well furnished standard sized class rooms with latest teaching facilities. Well-equipped laboratories and workshops. Periodical Assignment and class Tests. Scheduled internal assessment tests and also Conduction of practical, workshop related to professional field but not included in academis curriculam. Library with sufficient books and reference materials and provides reference books along with sufficient leanding text books for whole semester. Other required facilities like internet, sports, canteen, transportation, etc. are available. Regular educational and career counceling.