Welcome to Lalitpur Engineering College

We are delighted to introduce you to Lalitpur Engineering College (LEC), an Engineering center established at Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitian, Ward No. 10, Chakupat with an aim to provide an outstanding engineering educational support to the aspirant candidates needed for meeting the national aspirations and goals by the team of young and enthusiastic academician having a very long experience caring for students and offering professional advice .On wide range of educational choice millions of rupees are drained out from Nepal in search of quality education in India and overseas every year. That is a considerable loss of national resource. Now that there are Nepalese who have capacity to run high quality educational institutes in Nepal itself.

Basic aim of LEC is to prepare Quality engineers who could sell himself in the world of professionalism. He, who will not only cater to the needs of the Nations in solving its technical and management problems, but also will complete in the international job market successfully. LEC has a focused vision towards quality teaching and practical implementation of knowledge gained by students. The college has brought up many strategic plans and students evaluation schemes to meet its vision and make students competitive in the job market.

Currently LEC is conducting Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering under affiliation of Tribhuvan University.